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In recent years,  American car companies have reintroduced classic cars, such as the Dodge Charger or Challenger, reflecting a desire within the marketplace for updated classic cars.  Similar sentiments have been echoed by boat enthusiasts.  Danalevi's founder recognized this unmet need and quickly moved to meet the need.  Shortly thereafter, Danalevi was formed to provide custom, high quality boats at an affordable price. 

Rather than providing cookie cutter boats, Danalevi has developed unique designs influenced heavily by classic retro boats for their custom boats.  Instead of simply recreating original designs, Danalevi has incorporated new designs in order to give the classic look a modern feel. 

In addition to sleek, retro designs, Danalevi will incorporate cutting-edge, innovative production techniques.  This technology will produce higher quality parts more quickly than previously at the same time creating a better shop floor environment.  This cutting edge process will result in higher quality boats that will look better, last longer, and need less maintenance.  This is only one example of the innovation that Danalevi intends to introduce to boat construction for its custom boats.  As well as providing a product that is Made in the U.S.A. 

In order to achieve unique designs using innovative technologies, Danalevi has partnered with many top suppliers and manufacturers in the marine industry.  Initially, Danalevi will partner with Marine Concepts to construct its first three designs, in order to get the boats out to the public as quickly as possible.  Eventually Danalevi will move towards handling all construction in-house. 

We have had tremendous interest in our designs from all over the world.  But we need to get the prototype built, so we can get it out for people to see and touch.  That is why we are asking for your help here on peerbackers to help us continue with this venture. We have done multiple marketing campaigns and received many positive responses.  One modest campaign with boat trader.com, we saw people visiting our website to the tune of over 500 visitors per day. 

Danalevi has laid out specific goals for its business, competition, marketing, productivity, revenues, profitability, and staffing.  These goals will form the basis of Danalevi's strategic plans and will be constantly evaluated and modified as necessary to ensure the success of the company. 

The team that Danalevi has set up for our company is solid.  Marine professionals that have worked in the marine industry for many years and are well known withing the Industry.  Everyone is excited on bringing these boats to the public. 

Danalevi is managed by two executive officers.  Ross Hartman, CEO--Mr. Hartman is a construction professional with over twelve years of experience supervising projects and business activities.  Given his strong engineering skills, Mr. Hartman will oversee product design and manufacturing, along with providing the experience of having run his own company. 
Michael Connor, CFO--Mr. Connor brings 15 years of finance, project management, and settlement negotiation experience to Danalevi.  From supervisory roles to management of large projects, Mr. Connor has acquired the skills necessary to oversee the finances of the company and help manage the daily operation of Danalevi. 

With this management team and the industry professionals that are behind us, we feel this is a solid team for success.  

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    Danalevi needs this funding to finish building our prototype. We have exciting unique designs that have a tremendous following world wide.

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Ross Hartman

Owner / Danalevi Corp.

Hi, My name is Ross. I am excited to be here on peerbackers sharing my company with you. Being creative drives my passion. Having run my own company for the last twelve years, I take great pride in my work. Seeing a customers appreciation for my work, makes it all worth while.

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